What is the Bronze Award?

The Bronze Award is one of the highest awards in Girl Scouting. The goal is to identify an issue effecting their community and try to identify a sustainable solution and spread awareness of the issue.

You can become a Bronze Award Girl Scout if you:

  • are in fourth or fifth grade

  • are a registered Girl Scout Junior

  • have completed a Junior Journey


How to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award:

  • Contact your local Girl Scout council

  • Build your Girl Scout Junior team

  • Explore your community

  • Decide on a project to work on

  • Make a plan of action

  • Put your plan in motion

  • Spread the word


Troop 61217 Bronze Award Project

Our troop has identified the issue of nurdles, a type of micro plastic, that is impacting our environment and health. We want to educate people about this issue and encourage change.